Aroma Freedom Technique

Michelle’s middle name should be “Kicks” because she is a dynamite of a person who kicks butt at what she does!!!  I was fortunate enough take her AFT session... and boy, let me tell you what!!! It was powerful, encouraging, reassuring and such a positive experience.  She has such a kind heart and is so willing to give her time, experience and knowledge. Thank you so much, Michelle for your work. My husband and I look forward to working with you again in the future!  -M.H.

My wife and I had the opportunity to do the Aroma Freedom Technique with Michelle just before the holidays. We had been feeling very shaky about our long-term goals, but our session with Michelle really helped us kick our doubts to the curb.  Michelle is very personable and relatable. Definitely get in touch with her to experience Aroma Freedom! I am feeling pumped for 2018!  -M.K.

Custom Wellness Programs

“My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by providing me ideas for time management. Michelle was able to offer simple steps that did not seem like mountains enabling me to make gradual progress each day toward my goals…regardless if life got in the way.”

“I would describe my coach as supportive, knowledgeable, involved, empathetic, and encouraging. In one word...AWESOME! I have been through several coaches and have never had the success or encouragement I found with Michelle.”

“Michelle is an amazing woman who has found ways to overcome obstacles in her own life. She is full of Life. Watching her continually better herself and reach her personal goals is an inspiration. I think you want that in a coach. Michelle is the kind of coach who...reaches beyond her comfort zone to find success in her personal life. She shares both her struggles and successes enabling us to see how human she is. It helps us to know we are not perfect but we can be successful and reach the dreams we put forth in our own life. Michelle is REAL! ”

“I would recommend my coach to anyone who is looking to reach within themselves to find nuggets of greatness they may not have otherwise known they possessed.”

“[Michelle helped me by] Providing encouragement and an open dialogue that motivated change. Held me accountable and provided a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise regimens.”

Raindrop Technique

Had a great Raindrop Technique session with Michelle today! In addition I grew 1/2 an inch because of the release of my spinal compression. She took the time to explain to me the benefits and purpose of each of the essential oils she used. She also went over the techniques of the massage. Definitely going back!! I would highly recommend.  -M.H.

I tried the raindrop technique and loved it. I was worried I'd be sensitive to the oils and scents and luckily I wasn't. The herbal essence were wonderful and not overpowering. Prior to the appt I was coughing a lot, but during I didn't cough once and I felt rejuvenated afterwards. Can't wait to do it again.  -L.T.

I was experiencing some aches and pains from this crazy Texas winter. After talking with Michelle she recommended the raindrop technique. I was in awe with the whole experience. I was a little skeptical when she said she going to measure my height. Michelle stated that she often sees that their is a small increase of height; after that I was sold since I’m under 5’. After the technique, she measured me again and it was true!! I grew 1/2 inch! I guess I had some compression in my back that she was able to work out. Thanks Michelle, I will be back as well as making some recommendations to family and friends.  -C.P.


Michelle was awesome! Being my first Reiki session she was very informative and made me feel comfortable and relaxed in a soothing atmosphere. Michelle was very personable and professional.  -J.H.

I never had a Reki treatment done, but was curious. I booked with Michelle, and from the very beginning of the session, Michelle made me at ease and explained every aspect of the session and what was to be expected. It made me feel very confident and comfortable. Michelle is very knowledgeable, relaxing and caring and I would very much recommend Michelle to everyone and I can't wait to go again.  -M.S.

Tarot Reading

I had a reading session with Michelle and she is so personable, intuitive, and gracious. She explains her techniques and methods well and takes time to answer to address questions.  I would especially recommend her to any introvert/empath types as she is very relatable and genuine.  -C.M.

If you are looking for a spiritual reading, even miles away from you, she’s the one you WANT. She has helped me move forward in such a way I didn’t know I needed.  Thank you Michelle for putting my mind at ease towards my goals in life.  -K.B.